I am still in a daze....

Every so often, I have to pinch myself that an African-American has been elected president of the United States. I know I shouldn't be shocked, but it is a little bit of a jolt to the system and will take some time to get used to.

Usually after an election in the States, its sort of ho-hum and there isn't this sort of media attention to a president-elect. I know that its a period of adjustment for everybody, but I still have to pinch myself that (a) the campaign is over and (b) that the United States has elected a president who isn't white for their 44th president. Can we go back a month?

If you get the chance, I would highly recommend "The Civil War: a film by Ken Burns"; its an excellent documentary on the American Civil War. I watched the film about 7 or 8 years ago and haven't watched it since.
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Tears - Alex & Izzie

Title: Tears
Author: jayne_190
Rating: G
Summary: Alex comforts Izzie in the moments after she finds out about Denny's death. Comments are greatly appreciated and welcomed, as this is my first GA fic.
Spoilers: Season Two finale
Word Count: 315
Disclaimers: Don't own the characters, they are owned by the creators of the show and the actors. Italics are from "Coldplay" and their song "Fix You".
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Fix Me, a season 6: reloaded chapter.

Title: Fix Me
Author: Jayne
AN: This story was posted on as part of the Reloaded series that I, along with some others, are involved with. This is the "adult" version of the chapter. So if you want to read it, without the adult content, you can view it here.
AN#2: Title from the the song "Fix You" by Coldplay on their X&Y album, which I know most of you have.

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Canada's newest hockey heroes

Brokeback Mountain

Wow. What a movie. I have been home for almost two hours and I am still thinking about it and how good it was. Now granted I have seen some excellent acting jobs over the past couple of months: Joaquin's excellent portrayal of the tormented Johnny Cash, Reese Witherspoon's awesome portrayal of June Carter Cash, George Clooney's portrayal of a CIA agent in Syriana, Eric Bana's awesome portrayal of a tomented assassin trying to avenge the deaths of Isreali athletes in the years after the 1972 Munich Olympics, Geoffery Rush's rather sublime portrayal as Bana's handler in Munich.

These were all excellent individual portrayals, but I think what made the acting in Brokeback especially good was the ensamble cast's job; made the jobs of Heath and Jake all that more effective, especially the portrayal of Ennis' ex-wife Alma. What got my goat was that there were at least four people that left the movie before the half-way point of the movie, right around the first sex scene; sure I didn't like the scene, but I knew that there was more to the movie than the few scenes of sex and of men kissing each other. They are entitled to whatever their opinion is and I am not going to pre-judge them on that. *rolleyes*

Overall, excellent movie and I can definately see the movie picking up a couple of Oscar nominations in about a couple of weeks; I really don't know about being awarded actual Oscars due to the content of the movie, as the Academy tends to be a bit behind on the times and can sometimes be a bit conservative in their thinking. I guess what I am trying to say is that while the Hollywood Foreign Press Association tends to be a little more forward looking in their views (who would know that by the fact that they handed DH best comedy on Monday), whereas the Academy (who hands out the Oscars and the Emmys), tends to be a little bit behind the times (how many times did the Sapranos get nominated before they actually won and they also like to see stuff that does well ratings or at the box office) in terms of what they will give awards too. This is not saying that things might be drastically different for this years awards, but I am just stating a well known pressumption of the Academy that they portray.

So if you haven't seen it yet and are near a theater that is showing the movie, I would highly recommend you do so and before the nominations are handed out for the Oscars.
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Miller time

A few thoughts on the Golden Globes

Since I don't need to rehash what happened (it sucks being on the West Coast), but I can't wait until the Academy Awards in March, so I will give a few thoughts on what I thought about the awards

•wtf was with Drew's dress tonight? Not only did it look like a green sack, but you could clearly see her "ladies" at times, which were hanging a little low and should have been supported, clearly.
•loved Geena's dress; gorgeous colour, but how does one move in that dress?!
•congrats to Anthony Hopkins; deserving of the Cecile B. DeMille award tonight; awesome actor and truly one of the greats
•several squee moments (2 courtesy of Wentworth; 1 courtesy of our favourite ass. press secretary [it was like 2 seconds "We didn't write that"]; who got summarily fired two episodes later)
•congrats to the people who worked on Walk the Line and specifically to Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon, who sang all of the stuff and played the instruments in the movie
•what was with Colin Firth's beard thing?
•loved the speeches given by Felicity Huffman and by S. Epatha Merkerson; both awards were clearly deserving (not that I have watched either movie or performances)
•congrats to Brokeback Mountain; makes me want to see the movie even more as a result.
•loved the tribute that one of the actresses made to John Spencer during her acceptance speech tonight.

I will hopefully have a new story up in a few days; will probably be posted on my LJ, but I will be posting a link on to the story.

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I must be the stupidest driver in the world!!! I was driving back to my dad's school cause he gave me the wrong keys (well, he left the wrong set in the ignition; we have his dad's car cause my grandpa doesn't want to be tempted to drive while waiting for my aunt and uncle to come from Alberta to pick up the car) and while I was trying to avoid a collision with a school bus, I nearly rammed into a van. I just didn't notice it and it certainly scared the fucking shit out of me. I need to pay attention more on what is going around while I drive *hand palm*

Thanks to all that responded to my letter the other day; I have most of them and I don't know what I am going to do about the others that I have no idea that made them. *scratches head*

Going to watch 24 again tonight, but I really don't know if I am going to watch the Golden Globes (everything is settled by the time that I get to watch them; if they were live then I would watch) or Love Monkey or The National tonight. Decisions, decisions.
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Canada's newest hockey heroes

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I went book shopping again today, this time it wasn't for myself. It was for the new fine arts middle school that will also be the high school (they are going to combine grades 6-12 eventually). Was certainly a new experience for going to a library vendor. Too many people to really see what was available, but what can you do. Can't believe that it took about two hours to get the number of books that we were able to get; for me it was like going into a candy store. There were so many books that I wanted to get for myself, but unfortunately I was unable to do so. :( Anyways, it entitled me to a lunch with my dad, who is the school librarian. So I can't complain. Talk later, hopefully.

This was something that I took from bluejulie

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A small letter

To everybody on my f-list,

I am in the process of giving credit to people that have made the various icons I am using in my LJ and was wondering if you could let me know who has made them. If you could give me the keyword for the icon and then their LJ user name, that would be wonderful. I know I am missing quite a bit, but I have quite a bit that have credited for. Thanks.


PS This letter might be cross-posted to communities that you might be a member of, so please ignore the multiple postings of this letter.
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Canada's newest hockey heroes

Don't know if I should

I want to watch 24 tonight, but I don't know if I should. I have never watched the show, but somehow I was convinced by a friend of mine this past summer. I probably will and see if I like it and then decide, but then again there really is not that much on Monday nights to keep me occupied (at least every other week). The only reason I wouldn't is because I don't know what happened last season, as I understand it is crucial to understand this season, at least that is what my friend says.

On another note, I find it weird that both father and son will be on television at the same time (not the same shows, mind you), will the mom has been campaigninig for the NDP. I guess if you are the daughter of the founder of the NDP (it was the CCF when Tommy Dogulas founded and is the Greatest Canadian, which is really weird because it looks like people in Canada want to get rid of medicare as we know it), you would be campaigning along side the current leader of the party (who looks like a used cars salesman, not my words; it's how my mom described Jack Layton). Anyways I should go, unless I want to watch the Steelers pumel the Colts (yawn). Later.
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